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Initially, I'd hoped this blog would become a bit more cohesive over time. . . it has not. I honestly still don't know what the mission of this blog is, nor does it really matter that much (I don't think people actually read this blog to begin with, so I'm not going to waste too much time worrying about my organizational blogging techniques). If you happen across this blog, I hope that something is helpful, interesting, or simply a way to kill some time in a semi-meaningful way. Good luck, and good will to all of you along the journey...



Photo By: Self

spilling water from my back,

you call and i come.

that exhausted walk to reach you

breathless and no i didn’t run

to see you, i’ve been smoking

too much, same thing.

another awkward hug in the car

as my face smashes your cheek

that i can feel it leaving now

is the saddest, a beautiful eruption

you could have picked it off the tree

and chowed

but you weren’t hungry.

feeling it dying away all day

much worse than the straining

against the leash, another gorgeous

thing that should not have happened,

gone again.

By -Michelle Tea

"Oh God" from The Beautiful: Collected Poems.

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