This is a Perpetual Experiment, so Chaos Reigns Supreme Here....

Initially, I'd hoped this blog would become a bit more cohesive over time. . . it has not. I honestly still don't know what the mission of this blog is, nor does it really matter that much (I don't think people actually read this blog to begin with, so I'm not going to waste too much time worrying about my organizational blogging techniques). If you happen across this blog, I hope that something is helpful, interesting, or simply a way to kill some time in a semi-meaningful way. Good luck, and good will to all of you along the journey...


I never know WTF I'm doing....

HERE! let me throw in another one since I don't know WTF I'm doing!! Follow my blog with bloglovin
I cry, too often.  
A flood of tears until I find myself drOWNING. 
I absorb too much sea INto myself...
The tears sPILL like a hot spring, steam rolls in and dEAT-h's dew drops sit patiently at my feet.
Inside them (all) swam a green-haired girl who had (nEVER ever ever) been tOUCHed by a boy to WHOm sHE was so devoted that she would have lived with him (FOR-ever) in a shack by the sea or a ruined sand CASTle even if he (never) made love to her. 
A potion. A cHARM..?
...There, far out at sea, I saw so mANY strange things!...
Once, tHERE swam a little girl whose fatHER was dying withOUT ever having SEE-n her yet, I thought it odd, BEcause she was directly in front of him as sHE had been tHE wHOLE time.

There, swam a girl whose mOTHER’s magic – the only thing the girl envied more than ANYthing else in the world - & the thing that had made her (in)visible - the most precious thing –might be dying too - just like her mOTHER told her stories of how the girl had BROKE-n her own mother's womb in birth. How SELFish could she be??

My tears were for me, but they were also for her. Sweet, sweet girl, 
WhE-n dI-d you sOUR-? 
How did they kill your soul while maintaining the physioLOGICAL CHARACTERistics of a walking, talking semi-SENTient girl-grOWN-tALL?

They had to CONtinuously and eternally wASH away the thing that had frightened tHEm so much so long aGO. 
The wound INside is HE-r.
My tears pOUR-ed out of me and i only surmised tHIS beCAUSE my face was wet and my eyes BURNed hot like fire pit coals. 
My face was wet!

I drank them [salty tears] down my throat. 
I drank them [salty tears] in gulps deep Into mySELF, swALLOWING sorrow- TRYing to D-rOWN, drown, drown [them] so far down, that wretched demon INside- to asphyxiATEd that horRID BEast. 

‘SomeDAY,’ the demon said,
 ‘W-hE-n you are ready, I will give you back yOUR tears in full."