*.My.Lovely.Muse.*: my.first.picasa.edit.

*.My.Lovely.Muse.*: my.first.picasa.edit.: "Whoo!Hoo! okay. it's not that exiting, but.., I take it where I can get it. have to, sometimes...."



....because.i.can... .SHE.HAD.POTENTIAL.


Footprints and Souls (and such)

...if eYES are the WINdow to our SOul, OUR footprinT(r)s mUST LEad T(s)he way, continuing to remind US each Step... we nEED one anOTHER(s), to overCOME tHis trial, AND share tHIS JOY toDAY. .she.had.potential.

Location:Grapevine Lake


.Re.Tra.To., originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

Iphoneographical excursions into the darkest recesses of the scarred psyche.